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Singing Lessons

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  • Private Singing Lessons

    Private Singing Lessons

    Learning to sing can seem a little bit scary at first. OpenVoice Studios provides a safe, comfortable and private space for singers of all levels to explore their own sound.

    Private lessons means that each lesson is all about you! Your teacher sets a pace that works around your learning style and the time you have available.


  • Professional Studios

    Professional Studios

    Whether you just want to sing a little bit better in the shower, or you're in a band with gigs lined up into the next year, we've got the stuff to ensure you are fully prepared.

    Our studios are warm and inviting, with soft lighting and comfy couches...and a lucky bamboo plant.


  • Performance Opportunities

    Performance Opportunities

    OpenVoice Studios offers several opportunities each year for our students to perform at music venues in the local community.

    We have two types of shows, so whether you're a first-time performer or an advanced student looking to tighten up your set, we'll help you take that next step.


  • Testimonials


    "I am having a breakthrough in my singing! Because of you and your incredible teaching and your amazing human skills, I am realizing a life goal. Thank you!" Tim J.

    "I now, with confidence, can say I am a musician. I am so happy to have found you - you have opened another door in this chapter of my life." Jacki R.


Singing lessons for contemporary singers

OpenVoice Studios helps singers of all levels and contemporary genres to further their vocal goals with a supportive, open, but challenging program of singing lessons.

Come in for a free consultation during our day or evening hours (9am to 10pm).

A sampling of some of the techniques we teach you in your singing lessons:

  • Proper breath support
  • Vowels, consonants and placement
  • Range and registers
  • Pitch and key
  • Volume control
  • Rhythm and phrasing
  • Vibrato and other vocal ornaments
  • Vocal styles such as belting, breathy, twangy
  • Harmonies
  • Warm up and practice techniques
  • Vocal health, maintenance and tension release
  • Performance skills

We offer more than just singing lessons

In addition to private and group singing lessons, OpenVoice Studios coordinates local performances and workshops, with topics that include career development / promotion, recording, performance skills, songwriting and more. We get a little wacky sometimes, we take risks, and we work hard. And we make some super cool music together. No matter what your singing goals are, from sounding better at karaoke night or auditioning for American Idol, you’ll find a supportive community of instructors and fellow singers.

Learn more about our private singing lessons.