The first step to great singing is great technique!

We can help you gain control, increase stamina, build confidence and find your own voice through the study of:

  • Proper breath support
  • Vowels, consonants and placement
  • Range and registers
  • Pitch and key
  • Volume control
  • Rhythm and phrasing
  • Vibrato and other vocal ornaments
  • Vocal styles such as belting, breathy, twangy
  • Harmonies
  • Warm up and practice techniques
  • Vocal health, maintenance and tension release
  • Accessing your own creativity
  • Recording and critiquing

Singing is about much more than just vocal skill.

Confident, comfortable singers are able to work through or break down mental barriers that prevent them from accessing their unique abilities. We can help you:

  • Discover what is holding you back and help you free yourself from it
  • Explore how preconceptions about yourself (or others’ preconceptions of you) affect your singing
  • Build a stronger connection with your music
  • Build a stronger connection with your audience
  • Have permission to sing out loud, despite your fears

We’ll get you ready to take the stage!

We work hard to prepare our students fully for all of their performances, whether they perform in our shows or elsewhere. In addition to vocal technique, our students work on:

  • Conquering stage fright
  • Creating an emotional and engaging performance
  • Improvisation skills
  • Microphone control
  • Song selection, analysis, arrangement and memorization
  • Building repertoire
  • Finding accompaniment