“If I haven’t had a chance to say thanks, I wanted to take this opportunity to do so. You helped me with mechanics and confidence, what I really needed to get rolling. You had a great perspective and focused on just what I needed, and were a definite pleasure to learn from.”
Brett S.

“OpenVoice Studios is an incredible experience for any pop vocalist. Sam and her team know how to get anyone singing – from singer songwriters like me, to show tunes, to karaoke pop. And they do it with a lot of fun and encouragement. They work with singers at all levels and focus not just on getting the notes right, but also on building a solid foundation so that as singer can tackle any song. Mostly, they listen. Sam took the time to understand my goals and built a program that worked for me. I can’t recommend OpenVoice Studios enough.”
Tim J.

“The positive vibes my daughter is getting there are just so important for her self esteem right now. She was beaming and telling me that at first she was shy and didn’t let go with the song, but by the end she was dancing all over the studio singing it. That has a lot to do with you, Sam, and how comfortable you are making her feel – pushing the limits. Thanks so much.”
Sean C.

“Just wanted to shoot a note about how fabulous last night was. I was really impressed with the whole show. Your students are brave, but it’s obvious how much your enthusiasm for your students and the show brings everything together. You really make an impact on your students – that is so cool.”
Julie R.

“I just want to say thank you for the showcase, it was a wonderful experience. I now, with confidence, can say I am a musician. I am so happy to have found you – you have opened another door in this chapter of my life and I hope to always have you with me through my successes.”
Jacki R.

“My experiences at OpenVoice Studios have let me grow both as a musician and as a person. Sam is a very open and supportive teacher who has provided me with guided instruction as well as opportunities for musical experimentation. I have become a better musician while studying here.”
Brett G.

“Sam has been our vocal coach for a year and a half. In that time, she has taken us from musically inclined to gig worthy. Sam’s upbeat, holistic approach to performing covers everything from basic vocal techniques to stage presence. We highly recommend Sam for anyone who wants to learn more about singing and performing.”
Brant & Laurie, Acoustic Breeze

“I just had to write with a huge Thank You!!! The three performances of our play went off wonderfully and, in the end, all the players got lots of compliments. But, one of the compliments that came to me from several different people (including people who know my vocal history) was about the quality of my solo. They often said, “Those voice lessons have really paid off!” I can’t thank you enough for helping me progress so notably with my singing! You’re a fabulous teacher and I really appreciate all the effort you’ve put into our work together.”
Scott S.